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Our technicians will give you different options and are required to service the door and do a balance check with each customer after changing garage door springs to show you it’s done right the first time. We believe the customer should know what a properly balanced door is and why it’s essential.

We carry a full truck of different size springs and can do spring repairs the same day. We carry 1-¾ high cycle oil tempered springs made right here in the U.S. We have inspected our manufacturer’s plant and hold them to a high standard. We make sure they don’t cut corners on bake times to ensure you get a high-quality product.

Because we use 1-¾ springs, our springs are longer than your standard 2 in springs. Spring replacement for a garage door is a complex process. Without the proper knowledge and tools, you could end up seriously hurting yourself. The best thing you can do is hire professionals, like us at Iconic. We can replace any garage door springs safely.

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What to look for when hiring a professional to replace your broken spring

What to look for when hiring a professional to replace your broken spring

When you hire a professional to replace your garage door spring you are hiring them to balance your door. The spring is the muscle that allows you to open the door by hand or use an opener to open the door. No matter what your door weighs it can be counterbalanced with the correct spring. If your door weighs 200lbs you would want springs that lift 200lbs. If your door weighs 230lbs you would want springs that lift 230lbs. If your door is a heavier door and weighs 650lbs you would want springs that lift 650lbs. Again, the spring is the counterbalance to the weight of the door. Without the spring you or your opener wouldn’t be able to open the door without lifting an unsafe amount of weight.
How do you know if your garage door springs were installed correctly?

How do you know if your garage door springs were installed correctly?

If you hired us to put a round pool in your backyard and when we finished you ended up with a square pool, obviously you hired the wrong company and mistakes were made. But how do you tell if the company who replaced your spring did a great job? The answer is that the door should be balanced when they are done. Our technicians are highly trained to make sure your door and opener last a long time. You will see our technicians do a balance check with you at the end of any spring repair. The door should be nice and light when you let go and it should not fall. Remember you are hiring someone to balance your door. Yes you are hiring them to replace the spring. But more importantly you are hiring them to balance the door.


There are several types of springs that work together to ensure the garage door opens and closes. These springs help carry the weight of the door and move them without much effort. Here are the types and what they do:

Torsion Springs

You can find these springs above the garage door attached to a shaft. At each end of this shaft is a winding cone that the spring attaches to. The other end of the spring is a stationary cone to help stabilize the mechanism. The types of torsion springs are:

  • Standard: A standard torsion spring often comes at a fixed diameter. The measurements are 1.75 x 2.25 inches in diameter.
  • Early Set: An early set spring attaches at the center of the torsion shaft. Most residential garage doors are early set.
  • Steel Rolling Door: These types of springs are common in commercial locations. You’ll find a torsion barrel supporting a larger one. The barrel has multiple springs.

Extension Springs

The extension spring expands and contracts at the garage door tracks. They run along the ceiling on each side of the door. Most of the time, these springs have safety cables to help ensure the door moves steadily. There are three types of extension springs:

  • Open looped: It has a looped wire at the end, making them easy to replace.
  • Double looped: The spring has two coils and is much stronger than the open looped kind.
  • Clipped end: This spring has clips at the end to reduce stress. It’s a more durable extension spring.

Galvanized Springs

Galvanized springs come from a hot-dip galvanization process. The steel spring is placed into a vat of molten zinc, which is later cooled to form a strong outer layer that resists rust. We don’t recommend these types of springs. Galvanized springs lose tension and bend easily, requiring them to be adjusted often. This will just add additional labor costs that could have been avoided by using an oil tempered spring. Galvanized springs are used in high salt climates like homes next to the beach. Even then we recommend using an oil-tempered spring, then just have it powdercoated to avoid both higher maintenance costs and rust issues.

Oil-Tempered Springs

These springs use oil to cool it after heating. Then it is reheated to temper the metal. This process makes the spring stronger and resistant to deformation.

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If a garage door spring breaks, you’ll need a replacement spring. Since it will be difficult to remove the old spring and install a new one, calling us for the replacement will be the best move. When you feel your garage door becoming heavy, unbalanced, or your cables are loose with the door in the full open position, it is time to replace the springs. You’ll also need to replace both springs so that the new spring doesn’t overwork to accommodate the older one. The weight will balance both, and you won’t have to worry about any replacement for the foreseeable future.


A spring repair requires us to remove all the tension from the door. Size the correct spring replacement for the weight of your door. Make sure your door is level, replace the spring, and reset the drums and cables.


When choosing your garage door springs, you have a choice of a galvanized spring for torsion or two oil-tempered springs. We recommend using two springs as they are safer and more reliable.


If you take something that’s 22″ long and twist it seven times it’s not going to last as long as a 31″ spring turned seven times. By using 1- ¾ garage door springs we are able to offer a 31″ spring instead of a 22″ spring while still maintaining the same amount of lift with a thicker coil size. So for the same price as our competitors, you’re getting a better spring with a better warranty.


With balance in mind, sometimes it is necessary to do additional modifications to a door to correctly balance a door. In some rare cases you will find doors that aren’t balanced to begin with. There are manufacturers that make doors with very heavy top sections. As your door rises it is getting lighter and the weight of the door is shifting from the spring to the overhead track. If your door is 200lbs, when it gets halfway up it would only have 100lbs of weight on the spring and the other 100lbs on the track. as the door is moving up and the spring is unwinding. When the door gets halfway up the spring has unwound and is only lifting 100lbs in the case of a 200lb door.


Let’s say again that the door weighs around 200lbs but instead of all 4 panels weighing 50lbs for a combined weight of 200lbs, the top panel has a heavy window and weighs 80lbs and the rest of the panels weigh 50lbs for a total balance weight of 230lbs. If you just put springs that lift 230lbs when the top section shifts from the spring to the track your door is going to be unbalanced even though the springs match the weight of the door. This is where extensive training and experience comes in. Our techs are trained to balance the door first using struts, specialty drums, or in extreme cases a clutch spring. Clutch springs can be designed to lift 30lbs for 21” then stop lifting. Or if the top section is 70lbs heavier than the rest and the panel is 30” tall, we can design it to lift 70lbs for 30” then stop lifting and let the main springs take care of the rest. You don’t need to understand all this but rest assured our technicians do.


Aside from our repair services, we also handle safety inspections. The inspection checks each part of the garage door to ensure that they are working. Any issues experienced may indicate early signs of damage and potential problems later on. An inspection can help detect problems early and fix them for the longevity of the garage door. It includes tests with:





Lift Cables





Iconic is a family-owned and operated business and a trusted name in the industry. All our work is guaranteed, meaning that what we say we do, we’ll do.


Our technicians are thoroughly vetted and have undergone professional training. In addition, we do not charge extra for weekend or holiday services and can be reached by phone 24/7. You can call us at any time, day or night, and we’ll be there to answer any questions you have and schedule a time to send one of our professionals out.


We have received several awards and accolades over the years, including:

  • Angi Super Service Award
  • certified pro
  • BBB accredited business
  • Numerous 5-star reviews on Google


Along with having the lowest prices, we offer a variety of discounts in order to help our customers save even more. We have discounts for seniors, first responders, and veterans. If you don’t belong to any of these groups get $50 off any garage door repair with purchase of parts. If you’re unsure whether you want to try our services, we’re here for you as well. We offer a free, no-obligation estimate and examination. We also help you save money through lifetime warranties. Once we repair your garage door, we do everything we can to ensure it lasts for years. We also support every major brand and help you find the one that will bring you the most savings without compromising durability.



Frequently Asked Questions about Garage Door Springs

Your garage door spring should be repaired as soon as the spring encounters any problem.

In some cases it can, but most of the time, replacement is the better option.

The cost will depend on the type of spring and brand, as well as the condition and state of the garage door and springs. Not including labor, springs generally run between $40 and $60.

A spring has a cycle life and every time your door goes up and down you are bending metal. While the springs are designed for this they still have a tolerance. Most companies and manufacturers use a 10k cycle spring. We use a 40k cycle spring and warranty it for 10 years or lifetime.

It’s ideal to have service at least once a year to help maintain the garage door’s structural integrity and to prevent future issues from occurring.

Inspections should happen annually.

You’ll notice that it becomes more difficult for the garage door to move up and down, which is hazardous to you and your family. It may stop working altogether. The door will be unbalanced. You may also see your cables having slack in them when the door is in the full open position.

Yes, but without the knowledge and tools, you could end up hurting yourself or installing them incorrectly, which is a hazard to you and your family.

Yes, it is ideal to have both springs replaced at the same time to ensure longevity and balanced weight.

No, the garage door will not open with a broken spring.


If you’re interested in hiring Iconic, schedule an appointment for a free, no-obligation examination and estimate. We work on weekends and holidays without any extra charge.

Garage door spring repair can be dangerous and can also cause a lot more damage to your door, opener, and wallet if you don’t have them done correctly. We always recommend letting a skilled professional handle this type of repair. Check out some of the communities we serve!

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